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Black Panther 2 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

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  • After making a fantabulous hit in 2018, many of the Marvel fans are waiting for the release of the sequel to the movie! Yes, as mentioned in the title, it’s about Black Panther 2 movie from Marvel. Make sure to check out our article as here we have brought some latest updates on release date and the storyline for Black Panther 2 movie.

Release Date

TV and Movie News Black Panther 2 Release Date Confirmed, Namor To ...

As Marvel releases their movies in their franchises in Phase wise! So, it’s entirely known that when will Black Panther 2 will arrive on screens as the film is slotted for Phase 4 Marvel movie.

Getting back to release date, it’s been officially confirmed by the movie makers itself that they have been working for the development of the movie.

Also, it was said that the release date for Black Panther 2 could get scheduled in May 2020! However, all these announcements were made before this pandemic, and by looking at the current situation, there are chances that movies could get delayed.

We have been getting reports saying that due to the pandemic, the production sets for all the upcoming Marvel movies have been “Temporarily Taken Down.” 

However, we don’t how much delayed the movies will face or will Marvel ramp up the speed of production to release all of their future film on time; well, it’s entirely unknown.

We will definitely, make sure to let you know first as soon as things get confirmed! Until that, stay tuned to our site to get more updates in the future; We cover the latest news on other fields like technology and gaming.

What Is the Storyline?

Last but not least! Getting to the storyline for Black Panther 2! it’s been said that the movie may pick up from the previous Avenger movie, Avenger: Endgame; as we saw T’challa, aka Black Panther returning from thor’s snap effect.

Also, it’s been said that we may see the Wakanda kingdom being attacked again, and again black panther will return to protect his country.

If this is true, there are chances that we may see some new and multiple villains targetting to rule and have control over the Wakanda kingdom.

Although, if you have missed out watching the previous and the first movie for Black Panther! We would highly recommend you to watch it, for sure you will love it.

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